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Wish Counselor Centre

Where Your Mind and Spirit Makeover Starts

Social Studies 
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At Wish Counselor Centre, we can show you what your "true self" is and help you realize that you are beyond your body, emotions, memories, and finally beyond your conscious and unconscious minds and how you can re-create the balance between all the layers underneath your true self that form the "you" within you.

The journey to well-being starts with the balance between the mind and the body. At Wish Counselling, we rely on practical and spiritual exercises to provide deep inner peace and well-being for each individual. 

What "Counselling" means?

Most people use this word equivalent as getting advice form a professional counselor, but what does really professional counselling means?

Who needs Counselling?

People always ask who needs counselling, do people in the hard situation need counselling? How about people Facing the dilemma and hard choices?

Our Services 

At wish centre, we believe human is combination of sprite and body that might be in balance. The mind is the master of body that controls the human. Balance of body, sprite and mind make integrity of human kind and health. For any reason, if one part of this triangle faces a problem a person will not be recognized as a healthy normal person in the society. In some societies, people believe that the human mind is the physical location of the soul. If we believe this theory, mind is the Bridge connecting the human body and its soul.
In order to make reasonable balance between these aspects of this triangle we need to use extensive knowledge of human studies. At wish centre we believe on practice and spiritual exercises to provide deep inner peace and well-being for each individual.
Life for some people is like a battle in which this centre is here to help those in need to find their way in personal peace and success. Intelligent people in order to find their ways to achieve their goals are always looking for new environmental facilities. The wish counselling centre is one of the best place in our community that could help you to find your best way. We invite you to come to our centre and enjoy the variant services we provid. such as:


"Difficulties in your life do not come to destroy you, but to help you realize your hidden potential and power. Let difficulties know that you too are Difficult."

Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

“Everything starts with a dream
Wish counselling is the source of my new dreams now.''

Amber Alaleh

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