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Banafsheh Sadeghi

Banafsheh is a registered social worker with a Master's degree in Social Work and a Bachelor's degree in General Psychology with more than 20 years of experience in counselling students, individuals, couples, and families. She is also a member of British Columbia Association of Social Workers and Counselling institute in British Columbia.

Being bilingual and bi-cultural has enabled Banafsheh to handle individual and social complexities of today's modern life in more than one culture which can be of massive help to her patients.

She provides counselling and consultation to adults, children and adolescents, and couples and families. She has been a principal consultant and counsellor in multiple elementary, middle and high schools and has helped hundreds of students and parents with improvements in learning, resolving and managing learning difficulties, managing parent-student behavioral complexities, improving educational performance and providing advice on career selection.
Apart from educational counselling, Banafsheh has helped a lot of her patients with self-improvement and achieving success in career, education and life through providing specially-designed exercises and techniques.

Banafsheh’s approach to counselling is relationship focused, holistic, spiritual, and intimately connected to humanistic and spiritual philosophy of living. Banafsheh believes that life is a celebration of experiences that aim at making us better people and that's why she uses her skill and expertise to help people overcome their perceived limitations in facing life demands and use their life challenges in the direction of self actualization and completion rather than getting stuck with them.

Banafsheh's individualized counselling approach is tuned  to the unique needs and personality styles of clients, engaging them emotionally and spiritually to enable her clients to look at the problems from a different and higher perspective and find a solution for the main issue.

Clients find Banafsheh's technique to be eye-opening, friendly, curious, compassionate, friendly, practical and efficient.

Banafsheh has received multiple awards for her contributions to the well-being and success of a large community of her patients. She has also authored and published a number of papers in professional psychology journals.

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